UP Govt 2 Child Population Control Bill Draft PDF, Rules, Suggestions

UP Govt 2 Child Population control Bill Draft Pdf – The UP government 2 Child population drafts the state law that states that you can take advantage of govt schemes if you plan to have only two children. Uttar Pradesh contributes as the largest populated state in India. The objective of this draft is to make you understand the advantages of having a small family. Moreover, this bill of 2 child policy discourages people from having more than 2 children.

In this article, you must understand the policy of UP gov, advantages, and advice about having only 2 children and UP Population Control bill Draft PDF.


UP Population Control Bill Draft PDF

It has become sensational news on social media after the announcement made by on arable chief minister Mr. Yogi. He announced the UP govt 2 child policy on 11th July 2021 and passed it on 19th July 2021.

The focused point that has been added is who will not follow the rules mentioned in the bill. They will be blocked from the government schemes and won’t be eligible for government jobs and making promotions in jobs. Moreover, they cannot receive any kind of subsidy.

What do you think about the Up 2 child population control? Is it the right step?

The List of Policy Rules of UP Govt 2 Child Population control Bill

Here some proposals are mentioned under the draft named “The Uttar Pradesh Population Bill 2021. As we know, UP is the largest populated state in India. As per the report, the fertility rate is also above the recommended line that is 2.7 percent.

The Uttar Pradesh Government Law commission official website made a draft to control the fertility rate. Recommended fertility rate is 2.1 percent. But in the UP state, it is more than 2.7 percent. They took this significant step with the help of public suggestions.

The UP Gov Law Commission listed the advantages for public servants who follow the two-child policy bill. According to the draft bill, Public servants who accept the 2 child policy will be eligible for adding two more increments during their service period.

Moreover, they will be eligible of getting maternity leave or paternity leave of 12 months which sounds nice. Even when they will be on leave, they will get a full salary with allowances of 12 months.  One of the best parts is they will also be entitled to the 3 percent increment of the employer’s contribution under the national pension scheme.

The draft Bill states the responsibilities of the Government as well. As per the draft policy rules, “now maternity center will be started at exceptional hospitals. Responsibilities of issuing contraceptive pills and condoms will be assigned to NGOs and primary hospitals. They will also take charge of advertising the scheme’s benefits and help the people adopt the policy.”

Making a successful mission needs the active participation of healthcare workers. Healthcare workers will properly assess pregnancies, deliveries, birth, and death within the states. They will keep a record of these things.

The draft bill says that “they will educate the students about it. A new mandatory subject related to population control will be introduced in all secondary schools for proper awareness.

According to the Government, why UP 2 child control bill 2021 is essential?

The objective of the draft bill is only to control the fertility rate that will help bring down the population. The Government is promoting the bill by cutting down the benefits for those who have more than two children and adding benefits for those who adopt the policy.


As it is known, many Indian women suffer from the burden of family planning. Many of them do not want more pregnancies, but they have no option to deny it. UP Gov two-child policies will indirectly support those women.

But the many opposition members are criticizing the UP gov move. They call it a political agenda. Most of them saying Gov should ban marriages that will help to bring down the population. According to them, this bill is just about murdering the democracy. This is immature of eliminating people from government jobs just because they have more than two children.

Uttar Pradesh जनसंख्या नियंत्रण कानून 2021- 30 Bill Draft PDF is now published by UP vidhi aayog official website upslc.upsdc.gov.in. UP Population Control Bill 2021 (2 Child Policy) PDF Link has been updated download here.


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